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Full-Time Mom, Part-Time Blogger: Mama Lu Gets Creative To Support Sons With ALS.

mama lu smiling as she stands between her two songs. she’s holding up a round, flat bread. xiaoqiang and xiaomeng are on either side of her, smiling as well.

Lu Aimei is a food blogger second, and a loving mother first.

At 60 years old, she’s been taking care of her sons, Xiaoqiang and Xiaomeng, for more than 20 years – both of them have Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and are paralyzed. But that became increasingly difficult after years of dealing with domestic violence from her husband.

That’s why, in 2012, she moved her and her sons to a new city for a new start. At first, they got by on government assistance and begging on the street. But then this talented mom found a creative way to support her family: She became a food blogger!

Known as Mama Lu, she teaches an audience of over 400,000 how to make delicious food, all with a contagious smile on her face. Her sons help out, too! Xiaqiang is their video director, and Xiaomeng is their video editor.

“I brought the boys into this world, so I must look after them and treat them well,” Mama Lu said. “It’s a bit tiring, but I can do it because I’m able-bodied. My boys can’t move and can’t eat by themselves. Destiny had brought my boys to me. I have to give the best to them.”

Watch Mama Lu in action below, and don’t forget to share.

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