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Daughter Was Mortified By “Frumpy” Mom, Calls Oprah For Life-Changing “Makeunder.”

We all have our own personal style that we craft and hone as we grow older. Sometimes our tastes can be affected by what is trending in fashion, but usually, our style stays the same and becomes an identifier of our character.

For 25 years, Jan DeVito had been dressing, styling her hair, and doing her makeup the exact same way. Her style was so permanent that her family couldn’t remember a time that she had ever looked differently.


Jan’s look started with a teased bun on top of her head. Each day, she brushed out her hair before putting it into a bun and adding a ton of hairspray before heading off to work.

Because Jan worked at a hair salon, she had constant access to hairspray. This meant she was able to touch up her look with even more spray during each of her client’s appointments.


Taking regular breaks to touch-up her makeup was also a part of Jan’s style process.

“I’ve had the same look since I was 16 years old,” Jan told Oprah. “By noon, usually I’ve reapplied probably two more times.”

In fact, Jan not only reapplies several times throughout the day, but she makes sure to put another layer of makeup on right before bed.


“I never know at any time that I’d have to get up for some type of emergency and I would not have time to apply my makeup and I would never leave home without it.”

During her video for the Oprah show, Jan admitted that not even her husband had seen her without makeup for the last 25 years.


Wanted to see a change in her mom’s look, Jan’s daughter Gina sent a desperate plea to Oprah for help. With the aid of Tyra Banks, Jan was given a full fashion, makeup, and hair makeover that shocked every person in the audience.

Watch Jan’s big reveal below and hear more about her story. Don’t forget to share the woman’s beautiful new look to spread some joy!

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