From The Tiniest Teacups To Absolute Units, Admire These Wondrous Pups Of All Shapes And Sizes! 

A very small puppy and a large fluffy dog.

Whenever you’re feeling down, it always helps to remember that dogs exist. We’re lucky to live on a planet where there are so many different types of pooches! Big or small, fluffy or sleek, these loving animals all have one important thing in common: they make the best buddies a human could have. Why don’t we take a moment to appreciate our four-legged friends? Here are some of the most adorable canines on the internet, from the smallest puppies to the biggest dogs you’ve ever seen!


1. You can definitely carry this little cutie in your purse.

A tiny white dog inside a bag.

Is that a small dog or a mini marshmellow? We’re trying hard not to squeal too loudly over how adorable this puppy is, but it’s definitely a losing battle.

2. Look at that tiny face!

A person holding a small puppy in their hands.

This pooch is so small, they can fit right in their owner’s hands. We can just tell that this dog is going to be spoiled rotten!

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