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From Hangers To Post-its, This Pup Knows The Perfect Way To Get His Mom’s Attention.

fin the dog looking up as he holds a white, plastic hanger in his mouth.

According to Fin’s mom, Vee Thayer, every day is an exciting adventure for her sweet pup.

He always manages to find various ways to keep himself entertained and challenged, and one of his favorites happens every time his mom takes a shower. When this happens, Fin delivers her gifts in hopes of getting her attention.

“From what my fiancé says, Fin brings a couple items to the door while I’m in the shower to see if any of them will get me to open the door,” Vee said. “Sometimes I’ll open it to find an assortment of items, other times it’ll just be one thing.”

Although no one is quite sure why or how Fin thought that bringing his mom random items would get her attention, it certainly works! To some extent, anyway. Even though she can’t completely abandon showering for her pup, she does enjoy giving him as much attention as she can.

“Some of my favorite things he’s brought me have been duct tape, tongs, shampoo, socks, his bed, a bowl of his food, hangers and a pack of Post-its,” she said. “When I open the door, I always say thank you and check out each item. His face is the cutest when the door opens – it’s a mixture of pride and concern, like, ‘Oh jeez, I hope I brought the right thing!'”

Watch a compilation of Fin bestowing gifts to his Mom in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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