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Goofy Dad Dances Right Into The Internet’s Heart With Nostalgic Commercial.

Parents’ have an uncanny way of embarrassing their offspring, sometimes without even trying.

This phenomenon is as universal as it is timeless, and a French telecom company has tapped into it with a nostalgic video that’s hitting everyone in the feels this holiday season.


This video comes to us by way of Bouygues Telecom, and you find yourself slipping back into the good ol’ days, when Dad slips a tape into a cassette player. Seated on the floor, his son’s big green eyes watch adoringly as Dad starts shaking his booty to Redbone’s 1973 hit, “Come and Get Your Love.”

Then we see them six or seven years later: The song’s still playing as father and son stroll along a snow-covered street lined with brightly lit stores and bustling with holiday shoppers. They stop to look in a display window, and Dad’s in such a good mood, he couldn’t stop himself from getting his groove on even if he wanted to.


It took Dad years to get these moves down right, but the son’s seen them so often that he can at least do a passable imitation. Nothing like sharing a moment with the old man, right?!


But as the years go by, this little song and dance starts to lose its magic. By the time the kid reaches young adulthood? Not so cute anymore. C’mon, Dad.


You know another thing that’s pretty universal? That the very things our parents did that made us want to crawl into a hole and die every time they did them are the very things we find doing with our own kids.

By the ending scene, the son’s all grown up and has a house and family of his own, and he can spend his own money to buy Dad a Christmas present. This year, he got Dad – you guessed it – a Bouygues phone. During a video chat, Dad sees his son cradling his own baby boy. And guess what song starts playing?


Does it get any sweeter than this?


Watch the commercial below and you’ll definitely understand why everyone’s feeling so happy and nostalgic by the end of it. Share to spread more love!

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