French “Alzheimer’s Village” Helps Seniors With Dementia Live More Freely.

Alzheimer’s doesn’t just steal a person’s memory; it takes away their ability to care for themselves — and their freedom.

Fortunately, traditional care homes aren’t the only option for those with the degenerative disease anymore. In Dax, France, seniors with dementia couldn’t be happier living in a village designed just for them!

Welcome to Village Landais Alzheimer, which is home to more than 100 seniors!

Designed by the Danish practice NORD Architects, the trailblazing gated community opened in June and gives its clients a sense of independence while also providing them with the care of a nursing home.

On the 12.3-acre property, residents can walk around as they please, invite their loved ones for a visit, and enjoy all the comforts of home. There are 240 medical caregivers and volunteers on site to help with anything they might need along the way!

In addition to having four neighborhoods with four shared houses each, the village features a cafeteria, shop, library, music room…

…and even a salon! These familiar spots help residents maintain a daily routine while giving them plenty to do.

“It’s to maintain their sociability, to maintain a contact with the old world they once knew, to ensure there is no brutal break with the past,” explained Christine Surelle, who volunteers in the shop.

For 82-year-old Madeleine Elissalde, one of the village’s first residents, living in a safe place that mirrors the outside world has even slowed her memory loss!

“It’s like being at home,” she said. “We’re well looked after.”

Researchers are keeping an eye on the village, wanting to see if this kind of environment has a positive effect on the progression of dementia. Either way, it’s clearly making them happier!

What an amazing solution for seniors who need assisted living! Not only does it give them back their freedom, but it also makes them smile.

Learn more about the village and its residents in the video below, and share this story to encourage more organizations to adopt the idea.

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