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Free Candy!? Adorable Kid Discovers The Magic Of Trick-Or-Treating On Halloween.

Little boy smiles wide as he holds dad's hand.

Do you remember when someone first explained what it means to go trick-or-treating on Halloween? If you’re like me, it feels as though there was never a time in your life when you didn’t know about this yummy tradition. But Taylor Bonnett’s video on TikTok is not only reminding folks that there was a first time they were introduced to the concept, but also just how exciting that moment likely was!

In the video, Dad can be seen talking to his son, Travi. This adorable kiddo listens intently as Dad asks what he thinks happens when you go up to someone’s house on Halloween and say, “Trick or treat.” Naturally, the kid has no clue. As soon as Dad reveals the answer, though, Travi is utterly amazed.

Travi’s reaction only gets better when the tiny tot finds out that he can get candy not just at one house but as many houses as he wants — or, at least, as many as his parents will allow! At this point, his mind is completely blown. He spins in a circle, seemingly saying both “What!?” and “Wow!” at the same time, which is fitting, honestly.

“He ran upstairs and said, ‘Let me get my jacket,'” Taylor wrote in the caption of the video.

Watch the moment Travi’s life changed for the better in the video below.

@taylorannbonnett He ran upstairs and said “let me get my jacket” #halloween #toddler #candy #hesready ♬ original sound – Taylor Bonnett

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