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Free C.S. Lewis Course Dives Into How The Author Ties Christianity Into His Works — And It’s All Online!

Free CS Lewis course at Hillsdale College

Clive Staples Lewis is better known as the beloved author C.S. Lewis. Although his life spanned from 1898 to 1963, generations will remember him through his iconic life works. Lewis was a prolific writer who often used fictional writing to interpret complex religious concepts through vivid language that is delightful and captivating to read. This technique was fully visible in one of his most famous series of books, The Chronicles of Narnia.

Lewis studied different religions and delved into the occult before finding his way back to Christianity. The amazing story of his journey from skeptic to believer is written into his fiction and non-fiction works. A complete study of his works and how they relate to the topic of Christianity could take years of independent research and study. You could, however, easily indulge your curiosity by enrolling in the free C.S. Lewis course at Hillsdale College, Encounter the Faith and Wisdom of C.S. Lewis.

C.S. Lewis

Hillsdale College is located in rural Michigan, about 90 miles from metropolitan Detroit. With students from all corners of the world, Hillsdale enjoys a reputation steeped in excellence. As a small, Christian, classical liberal arts college, they rely on no government funding. The atmosphere allows students to excel in a supportive community while learning. In addition to the degree course structure, the college offers various free, not-for-credit online courses.

Free courses range in topic and extend the college’s mission. One of the most popular online courses is Encounter the Faith and Wisdom of C.S. Lewis. Exploring the life and writings of Lewis takes students from his early days as an avowed atheist through his return to Christianity.

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Image from Hillsdale College.

C.S. Lewis Course Is Taught By Leading Scholar Professor Michael Ward

Students will understand how Lewis wove Christianity into his writings. The seven-lecture C.S. Lewis course, taught by Professor Michael Ward, promises to explore many aspects of Lewis’ life and career. Using classic works, including Mere ChristianityThe Screwtape Letters, and The Abolition of Man, Professor Ward will guide students through exploring Lewis’ personal feelings on religion. As a leading scholar of C.S. Lewis, Professor Ward skillfully guides students through the life and writings of Lewis.

“When you come to Lewis’s writings, it’s like you’ve touched a live wire,” said Professor Ward. “You’ve suddenly got an electric shock because here’s someone who really believes it and manages to communicate how much it means to him.”

The free C.S. Lewis course offers advice on reading the Bible, praying, and dealing with pain, suffering, and loss. In exploring Lewis’ journey, students will gain insights into the nature of heaven and hell. Students will gain an understanding of Lewis’ personal experiences and learn how those shaped his core beliefs. Through his writing, Lewis conveyed complex systems in an easy-to-grasp manner suitable for students of any age. Professor Ward put this concept into words, “Lewis had thought his way into all corners of the Christian faith—pain, joy, love, miracles, prayer, heaven, hell.”

If you have read The Chronicles of Narnia, then you have already seen how skillfully Lewis wove articles of Christianity into his works. By exploring Lewis’s life and teachings, students will better understand how Christianity can work within their own lives. Enroll today for free to see for yourself!

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