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Rare footage of Freddie Mercury singing an ‘Opera Anthem’ proves he is one the best ever.

Freddie Mercury changed rock’n’roll forever with his stunningly powerful vocal ability… but apparently he was a man of many talents.

It turns out that Mercury had a knack for the opera as well. The performance below was filmed in 1988 when the Olimpic flag arrived in Barcelona in preparation for the 92′ summer Olympics. Mercury took the stage with Madame Caballe, a friend and world-renowned opera singer, with the classic anthem “How Can I Go On?”

The duo released an album entitled Barcelona in 1988. The critically acclaimed collaboration spurred plans to perform the Phantom of the Opera together, but sadly, Mercury passed away before their grand vision could come to fruition.

Check out Freddie Mercury in a performance that few remember… You won’t want to miss this!


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