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Foster Puppy Throws Cutest Tantrum Ever & Ends Up Finding Furever Home.

napoleon foster puppy

Not many of us can get away with throwing a tantrum when we don’t get our way, but there are some exceptions. Most notably, young children and puppies.

They don’t know any better and you can’t get mad because you’re too busy trying not to laugh. Well, this little guy not only got away with it, but a short video of his mini-meltdown gained him legions of fans and made him internet-famous.


What, exactly, was the little nugget so upset about?

According to his foster mom, Amber Graves, while they were waiting in a drive-thru line, she wouldn’t let him sit on her lap. The nerve!


Young Napoleon was apparently pretty well known for his tantrums, but this was the first time she was able to capture it on camera.

Amber never expected the post to go as viral as it did – after just a few days online, Napoleon had millions of views on his tiny tantrum.


The little guy is something of an enigma, having arrived at the Southern Indiana Animal Rescue organization alone and with an unknown heritage. Workers there believe he’s a corgi mix.


Thanks to that video, countless requests to adopt Napoleon started rolling in. But in the end, the little guy went from a foster to full-time resident at the Graves household.

Amber fosters regularly and even though Napoleon has special needs (he needs a special chair to eat food due to an esophagus issue), she knew she couldn’t say goodbye to the cutie.

Check out the clip below to see how Napoleon managed to melt so many hearts and remember to share!

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