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Former Track Star Becomes Real-Life Superhero When He Chases Down Fleeing Suspect.

man running after suspect

What would you do if you saw the police running after a suspect, and the suspect looked like they were getting away? Well, if you’re 26-year-old Devin, you’d catch up to the suspect and tackle them.

The suspect was driving a car reported as stolen when the police began their pursuit. All of a sudden, the suspect leaped out of the vehicle and began sprinting away. Officers ran after him, but they clearly couldn’t catch up. Enter Devin!

“I saw him, the suspect, running all the way down, and he was already 50 yards from the officer,” he said. “So, I turned around, sped up and blocked him in, and I got out of the car and started running.”

As a former high school track athlete, Devin caught up to the suspect quickly and wrapped his arms around the man to restrain him. Shortly after, the police caught up and were able to properly make the arrest.

Watch the pursuit in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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