Forget Vitamins! These Animal Memes Are All You Need To Put Extra Pep In Your Step.

kittens clinging to screen door and a capybara sitting in a cat tree

We all know how to maintain our physical health: eat well, exercise, get enough sleep.


But keeping our mental health in check is a crucial, yet often overlooked, component of living a full life. Thankfully, we’ve got animal memes to lift our spirits any time we start to feel down in the dumps. Science supports the fact that looking at animal pictures provides mood-boosting benefits that fight depression and anxiety. See? Animal memes are good for you!

1. We’re not sure about you, but there’s something off about this cat. We just can’t put our finger on it.

2. When they start to snore, you know they’re faking it.

3. What’s this? Oh, just the sweetest picture ever taken. No biggie.

4. “You don’t mind if I help myself to a tiny sip, do you hooman?”

5. Looks don’t matter when you’ve really found your peeps.

6. Now he’s never going to stop coming over!

7. He’s pretending to be a condiment. Cat-sup, anyone?

8. Don’t let his guilty look fool you. He was totally framed.

9. He’s working out some new material, and it’s lit.

10. What? Doesn’t everyone meditate while wearing a sunflower hat?

11. “Om nom nom nom!” – this giant bird.

12. Chef Lenny “loafs you very much.”

13. If I kinda-sorta-fits, I sits.

14. We would follow this dog anywhere.

15. This photo is doing for kittens what Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” did for crows. In other words, we are scared!

Can’t you just feel all of those happy hormones flooding your brain? We sure can! That’s the magic of wholesome animal memes, and we’re so glad the internet has an unlimited supply.

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