Forget Disney Characters — This Little Boy Wants The Cleaning Man’s Autograph!

A little boy poses with a Disney employee after getting his signature.

Some kids want signatures from their favorite Disney princes and princesses, but this little boy knows who the real heroes are. Nimo’s family couldn’t have been prouder when he asked for the autograph of an employee cleaning the park! They posted the adorable footage on TikTok, where they’re known as The Blackman Family. After getting to know the employee, Nimo’s parents were convinced that their son made the right call!


Apparently, the man had been working at the theme park for 6 years. In all that time at Disney, he’d never been asked for his signature, so Nimo’s request made his day!

“I cried after speaking with Evan,” read the video’s caption. “He is such an inspiration.”


This was the best!!! I cried after speaking with Evan! He is such an inspiration. Thank you Evan in what you do ♥️

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Many commenters thought it was so sweet that Nimo wanted the Disney employee’s signature in his book.

“He’s literally the most important person in Disney!” wrote one user. “Making sure we have a clean park.”

“People like Evan are oftentimes the most ignored,” added another. “Thank you for giving attention to hardworking people like him.”

A little boy poses with a Disney employee after getting his signature.
Screengrab from TikTok

Eventually, the TikTok post got around to Evan himself! He was quick to type a sweet message to the family of the little boy who asked for his signature at Disneyland.

“Hey! That’s me!” he wrote. “Thank you so much for allowing me to sign your book and be a part of your adventure. I hope you had an amazing trip!”

Disneyland can be a magical place for kids to meet their favorite characters, but it’s also important to recognize the many other employees who keep the park running! We’re glad Nimo made one Disney employee feel special by asking for his signature.

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