For Over 15 Years This NBA Ref Has Sent Secret Signals To His Wife Any Time He’s On TV.

A ref for the NBA gets ready to send a secret signal to his wife on television.

A referee has to learn plenty of signals, but this NBA ref has an extra secret one just for his wife! TikToker Maryah Greene shared that her father, a professional basketball referee, sends subtle messages to her mother when he’s on ESPN. In the adorable video, the woman points out to her daughter the moment her husband sends her the signal on television. His simple action might seem insignificant to most viewers, but Maryah’s mom knows what she’s looking for.

All the NBA ref does on camera is wipe his nose, but his wife knows that this means something special. He’s been sending her this message for over 15 years, and she still gets excited when she sees it.

“Seeing my mom so giddy every time he does it makes me so happy,” Maryah said in her caption.

Commenters were touched by the NBA ref’s sweet tradition with his wife.

“Oh get out,” said one user. “This is way too sweet.”

“Mine has been an NFL referee for 17 years and he always gives a signal as well if we can’t go,” added another.

A ref for the NBA gets ready to send a secret signal to his wife on television.
Screengrab from TikTok

We love to see the wholesome ways that couples say “I love you” without uttering a word. This NBA ref and his wife clearly have something special!

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