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Mysterious 200 Yr Old Baskets Are Helping Prevent Infant Deaths

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a tragic reality all over the world. Though technology and childrearing techniques have come a long way, SIDS rates have not dropped proportionately and scientists can’t figure out why. Thankfully, one ancient New Zealand tradition is showing promise to help save innocent lives.

A local group of weavers developed the first modern ‘wahakura’ in an effort to curb SIDS in New Zealand’s native Maori communities. The wahakura is woven from New Zealand’s native flax plant and provides a separate space for newborns to sleep while co-sleeping with their mothering the same bed.

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This closeness allows mother and child to share a bed with their infant which has been proven to help early childhood development.

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During a study in 2010, 100 mothers were given the wahakura bassinet to practically test it’s effectiveness. By the end of the study, all infants were happy and healthy! Every mother in the study couldn’t stop gushing over the wahakura.

We’re sure there are other old-world solutions to modern day problems. It just goes to show, newer is not always better.

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