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Fish Vs. Drone: Hilarious Video Shows Fishing Attempt Gone Wrong.

This drone was no match for the strength of a fish.

Sometimes, modern technology is no match for Mother Nature. Just ask this fisherman who attempted to reel in his catch of the day with a flying drone! After a brief struggle, the fish managed to pull the device into the water with the fishing line. A video of the hilarious fail has gone viral online.

“Looks like the fish was DRONE FISHING!!” joked one commenter.

Although this attempt was unsuccessful, drone fishing is actually a recognized method, albeit a controversial one. In fact, you can even purchase drones that are specifically designed for the activity. However, according to Smithsonian Magazine, many fishing enthusiasts believe that using drones robs the sport of its value. Others are concerned about the technology’s environmental impact. Some states have even enacted laws against the practice!

Watch the video below to see how one fisherman utilizes drone technology.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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