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First Things First! Pregnant Firefighter Rescues Crash Victim, Then Gives Birth.

A mother’s instinct is never wrong. When they feel the need to help – they do. No matter what.

For a pregnant Maryland woman, her instinct to help a car crash victim was so strong that it didn’t matter that she was almost ready to deliver her own baby.

Megan Warfield was driving along with her mother when she was involved in a multi-vehicle crash. She had just finished organizing and hosting her late father’s second annual memorial golf tournament when the accident happened.

Before even checking to make sure she herself was okay, she spotted an overturned vehicle. Megan noticed there was someone trapped inside of the vehicle that now sat with its wheels in the air…  and all of her training kicked in. Did we mention she was nine months pregnant?

“I started to climb in there with her, but then I was like, ‘What are you doing? You’re nine months pregnant,'” Megan said. “I ended up holding onto her to keep her in place because I wasn’t sure of her injuries at the time.”

Initially, she got out of her car to help direct traffic. But the need of the trapped passenger was clearly greater. 

“It was also important that I keep her calm,” Megan shared. “It was a pretty traumatic event.”

As she waited with the trapped crash victim, she began to experience some cramping in her stomach. Running on adrenaline, she continued to wait with the woman until paramedics arrived to take over the scene. Looking back, she said she doesn’t know how she was able to stay down on the ground and help out, but she did.

Once a rescue team arrived, she eventually went to the hospital to be checked out herself. Well, it seems like like the whole incident may have triggered her labor.

Just under 24 hours later, she and her boyfriend Joshua Daugherty welcomed baby Charlotte. The baby girl joined 5-year-old big brother Jameson and 6-year-old big sister Ellie. What an entrance Charlotte had, and what a story her mom can tell her later!

Her boyfriend, who is also a firefighter, had also responded to the scene. One could only imagine his response after learning Megan was involved in the accident.

“I was a little thrown at first,” Joshua said

After seeing Megan in action and talking with fellow responders, he could see she was a bit shaken by the accident.

“My general concern when I heard was ‘Wow! She’s in an accident and pregnant and due in the next week or so,'” Joshua said. “We went ahead and got a medic to also check her out, which at that point we agreed she should go get checked out at the hospital.”

The Bowleys Quarters Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department praised Megan’s heroic efforts calling her a “true public servant” in a Facebook post. It read:

Ignoring any chance she could be injured, Megan immediately exited her mangled vehicle and began providing care to a person trapped by their overturned car. Megan stayed with this patient until Squad 213 arrived to free the victim. After all patients were evaluated, Megan agreed to an evaluation herself. 

The post ended fittingly with well wishes: “Since no good deed should go unrecognized, we wanted to highlight Megan’s heroic and selfless actions. Congratulations Momma Megan, Job Well Done!”

It was a job well done indeed. 

Before the crash, Megan had been doing administrative work as she awaited the arrival of her daughter. She even admitted that she missed her normal firefighting duties. For the mom of three, helping others is her calling.

“I was itching to get back out,” she said. “It’s what I was meant to do.”

And it fits her perfectly. 

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