First-Of-Its-Kind Music Video Highlights Diversity In Disabled Community — And It’s Beautiful.

Dominick Evans directing Spaces video

Throughout his life, Dominick Evans has been told what they can’t do. Now that they’re an adult, they’ve found a powerful way to show that people with disabilities can accomplish just as much as those without.

Dominick is a transgender person who was born with the rare neuromuscular Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). They’re a staunch activist and advocate for the disability community, and their newest project is all about inclusivity and empowerment.

Growing up, Dominick was always creative but was often told “no” to creative pursuits because of their SMA. In college, they discovered a passion for acting and storytelling. It seemed like their love for the creative process could be best satisfied from behind the camera, so they became a director.

“Once I got to college I was held back a lot more,” they explained. “I faced a lot more misunderstanding about my capabilities. So I thought, ‘If I start creating stuff, I can put myself in it.’ But then I started getting involved in directing and I loved it so much that, that’s kind of what I wanted to do more so than performing.”

Over the years, Dominick carved out their career as a disability consultant for Lionsgate and Netflix show creators. When they took the helm to direct a music video, they became the first person with a disability to ever direct from their bed!

The project is near and dear to their heart. It’s a song called, “SPACES,” and it’s a collaboration created by those with SMA for the greater disability community. Performed by singer-songwriter James Ian, who also lives with SMA, the video features snippets from the lives of dozens of people living their best lives with SMA.

“It’s about the spaces that we take up as human beings,” Dominick said. “It was conceived primarily by members of the SMA community.”

According to the producers:

“SPACES aims to spark an important dialogue about disability representation, which remains largely absent from mainstream media, even though 1 in 4 (26%) of adults in the US have a physical or psychological disability. The project was sponsored by Genentech as part of the SMA My Way program, which was built to support and raise awareness for the SMA community.”

Dominick and Ian worked closely with people within the SMA community to showcase the talents and lives of people with disabilities for a broad audience. Every aspect of the video was created by the SMA community, and Dominick was able to work around their mobility issues using video conferencing and other technical accommodations.

The song’s lyrics are uplifting and empowering for everyone, not just those who have disabilities! “I’m proud of who I am. No one I’d rather be,” James sings. “I am worthy of anything and everything.â€

Not only is this a great song, but it has such an amazing message! Dominick did a wonderful job showing the world that people with disabilities are just like us, but they often have to work harder to achieve the same success. We hope this video is the first of many ventures from this talented group of creators.

Watch the “SPACES” video below, and be sure to share this achievement with others.

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