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1st Grade Teacher Gave Unique Assignment On Last Day Of School, How Students Responded Is So Sweet.

Sha-Ree’ Castlebury is a first-grade teacher from Lawton, Oklahoma and she’s given her 25 students the best, last day of school ever.

With $35, she bought a simple white dress and some fabric markers, then asked her kids, “to draw and write what was on their hearts and what was beautiful or important to them,”on the dress. Before the long the kids were so in love with the project that they had to draw in shifts so everyone would get a turn. The only thing Sha-Ree’ asked was for each student to write their name on the back.

But the reason behind her sweet project warms your heart. “It is a memory dress because I don’t want to lose the beauty of the kids as they have to grow up and move on from me,” she told TODAY. “It is a wonderful thing, but so sad each year to fall in love with these kids and then have to say ‘see ya later’… I wanted their memories and love all wrapped up in a dress!”


“They become one big family to me,” added Castlebury, 27. “I never want to leave them. I cry happy tears every year seeing them grow so much.”

“They were so careful and loving with the dress! I can tell they did their best. They soared with such beautiful artwork. I was blown away…. I was on cloud nine all day long. I even pranced the hallways of my school everywhere I went.”



The dress was a total success! Not only did the students have fun showing off their creation, but teachers, parents and other kids came to check it out, too!

“Everyone came to visit our room,” Castlebury said. “We were an all-day zoo. It was beautiful.”



“It was a surprise for the parents but the kids knew how honored I was to wear it on the last day of class,” she said. “They were so proud.”

While Sha-Ree’ is sad to see her wonderful students go, she’s happy to get an entirely new class to impact in a positive way – and maybe get to see her old class too!



She was able to teach her kids how to be kind and have fun at the same time. Share her beautiful message today!

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