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Firefighters Wrangle Elusive Pet Goat Stuck On Roof In Hilarious “Rooftop Rodeo.”

Goat on roof was rescuced by firefighters.

Firefighters are always the heroes in the stories. Whether they are battling flames, rescuing people, helping stray kitties out of trees, or wrangling a wily goat on a roof. You read that correctly! The Glendale Fire Department was recently tasked with an unusual request for assistance. The star of this goatastic adventure is a white and gray goat.

A goat stuck on a roof. Don't worry, he was rescued by firefighters.
Image from Facebook.

The original call for help was made to Lisa Buccigrosse, owner of Farm Angels Sanctuary. Lisa asked the fire department to step in. The home, located near 75th Avenue and Union Hills in Glendale, has a slate roof. The fire department has extension ladders and any other equipment they might need, so the call made perfect sense.

Goat prancing across a roof.
Image from Facebook.

What didn’t make sense was that the goat did not appear to want rescuing. As the firefighters approach, the goat deftly jumps across the roof. Quite nimble on its hooves, the goat had no trouble navigating on the steep inclines. The home design includes different levels and gables, so the firefighters needed a game plan.

Peaks and gables make good pretend mountains.
Image from Facebook.

They chased the errant critter over the peaks and valleys of the roof before finally managing to corner it.

Caught! After giving quite a chase, the critter was nabbed and transported to safety.
Image from Facebook.

Once captured, the goat seemed pretty docile. It did take some maneuvering to get it safely back on level ground. While waiting, this firefighter looked right at home with his new friend.

Making new friends. Firefighter with goat he just rescued.
Image from Facebook.

How Did The Goat Get On The Roof?

When asked how the goat got up there, Lisa said, “They can jump pretty high. They can climb. So for a goat to get on top of the house, there had to be an opportunity for it to either jump on there from a tree, or through the top of the air conditioning unit, but they can. Smaller goats can definitely jump very high.”

Just for the record, goats are excellent climbers and jumpers. Smaller goats can jump as high as six feet from the ground. Most people don’t realize it, but goats can and will climb trees. They are at home on cliff faces and mountaintops, so why not on a rooftop?

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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