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Firefighters Come To The Rescue Of Adorable Kitten Trapped In Car Engine

Left image shows a small kitten in the engine compartment of a vehicle. Right image shows the same kitten in the arms of a firefighter after rescue.

Small animals will seek any warm place they can find when it gets cold, even if it’s dangerous. That was probably the case when a tiny kitten sought refuge inside the engine compartment of a car. The frightened little waif would not come out even with coaxing and offers of treats. Horry County Fire Rescue Station 18 sent a firefighter to rescue the kitten.

Kitten hiding in the engine compartment of a vehicle, peeking out at a firefighter from a hole behind the firewall.
Image from Facebook.

When the firefighter approached the tiny kitten, it wanted no part of the rescue operation. They attempted to coax the tiny waif out with treats and gentle words. Gloves went on when the coaxing didn’t work, and the rescue effort became physical. The firefighter gently reached into the small cavity where the kitten was hiding.

Image shows a firefighter gently reaching into a vehicle engine compartment to rescue a tiny kitten.
Image from Facebook.

He pulled the kitten to safety, where it received treats and kitty cuddles. The firefighter held the kitten after the rescue to keep it calm. HCFR worked as a team to ensure the safety of this tiny critter.

Images show a firefighter and a small gray kitten after the kitten was rescued from inside a vehicle engine compartment.
Images from Facebook here and here.

On their Facebook page, the HCFR joked that the vehicle wasn’t a “Catillac.” All kidding aside, the crew did an amazing job performing this vehicle extraction. The firefighters at Station 18 Stephens Crossroads earned their kindness to animal badges. Small kittens can be extremely stubborn and sometimes quite bitey and scratchy (hence the gloves). This adorable little kitten looked very relaxed with the firefighter afterward.

What Happens After The Kitten Rescue?

The kitten was taken to the Horry County Animal Care Center. You can check the Horry County pet adoption site to adopt this kitten or another animal. This kitten isn’t on the site yet, but many dogs and cats are available. If you know a firefighter, please thank them for all they do to keep us and our furry friends safe. Share this if you enjoyed reading about this kitten rescue.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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