Dog Mom Transforms Golden Retriever’s Medical Cone Into Hilarious Costumes.

When a kid breaks a bone, having their friends sign their cast is a good way to raise their spirits, so why not get even more creative? After all, if you have to wear a medical device, you might as well make it as much fun as possible!

When dog mom Jenn Frates of Sacramento, California, learned that her golden retriever Finn needed to wear an Elizabethan collar, otherwise known as “the cone of shame,” she decided to decorate his new look in a fantastic way.

“Finn is thankful to finally be done with 14 days of wearing a cone!” Jenn wrote on Facebook. “We kept it pretty crafty every day to help pass the time! (Can’t take credit for the designs, just recreated the ones I fell in love with on Pinterest!) Kudos to my buddy for being the best sport in all these daily pictures!”

We have to say, Finn is one of the most patient pups we’ve ever seen. Check out his paw-some daily outfits below and prepare to smile!

Day 1: Jenn transformed him into a “Finntini.”

Day 2: As a satellite dish, he was ready to tune into “Animal Planet.”

Day 3: The Pixar logo has never looked this adorable.

Day 4: “Do you want some fries with that cone?”

Day 5: Air Finn coming in for the slam dunk!

Day 6: What a delicious-looking snow cone.

Day 7: “He’s my favorite Froot Loop!”

Day 8: He was inspired by his Thanksgiving themed BarkBox.

Day 9: Cone Wars. The force is strong in this doggo.

Day 10: Jenn tried taking off the cone, but Finn wouldn’t stop licking his wound. Bring on the “Wheel of Shame.”

Day 11: “Buzz Lightyear! To inFINNity and beyond.”

Day 12: “A fluffy one-scoop sundae with a cherry on top!”

Day 13: Ready for movie night.

Day 14: Game of Cones.

What a good boy! It’s never fun to have to rock the cone, but we’d say Jenn and Finn found a way to make it work.

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