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15 Weird Creatures We Can’t Believe Are Actually Roaming The Earth Right Now

red lipped batfish and happy faced spider

People often throw the word “weird” around, but the creatures you’re about to meet really do qualify.

The “World’s Strangest Wildlife” Instagram page features some of the most amazing fish, lizards, insects, and all kinds of other critters that roam the earth, and each picture is more startling than the last. We can’t believe we’ve never even heard of some of these animals because they’re truly unforgettable!

1. Introducing the Black and Rufous Elephant Shrew. Wonder where they got that name?

2. Sure, his unusually large eyes make him a bit odd, but we also think he’s pretty adorable!

3. The Mary River turtle rocks a cool green mohawk made of algae. Jealous?

4. This little guy is called the Dumbo Octopus, for obvious reasons.

5. The red-lipped batfish, or Galapagos batfish, does not seem amused. Maybe a kiss would help?

6. The three-honed chameleon might actually be a dinosaur… we’re not sure.

7. This “troll-haired” bug is way cooler than the bugs in our area.

8. The Atlantic wolffish goes by many names, including the devil fish. Can’t imagine why. He seems nice.

9. If you ever want to be terrified, just remember that the Asian Sheepshead Wrasse is out there somewhere.

10. We’d travel to Sub-Saharan Africa just to see these cute wild dogs with their perfect Mickey Mouse ears.

11. Is that a puddle with eyes? Nope! It’s an ornate horned frog.

12. Meet the Emperor Tamarin, also known as the Brockway monkey. His facial hair is on point!

13. Flower mantises are a species of praying mantis that imitate flowers to lure in their prey.

14. Under all that fur there’s an English Angora rabbit, we swear.

15. This cheerful fellow is a Theridion grallator, also known as the Happy Face Spider.

Browsing through this Instagram page is a real learning experience! We had no idea these beautiful and unique creatures even existed, but now we’re glad they do.

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