15 Teeny-Tiny Works Of Art Crafted From Spare Clockwork Parts

TickTack Art featuring frog and horse

As an optometrist and clock repairman, Hisashi Ito of Japan works with tiny metal components no larger than the tip of a fingernail.

After completing a pair of eyeglasses or repairing the delicate mechanism that makes a clock tick, Hisashi hated to waste all of the metal debris left behind on his workbench. In 2015, he started collecting these bits and bobs so he could turn them into incredibly unique and intricate works of steam punk-style art.

1. Hisashi runs a clock and glasses store in Japan called Megane Tokei Ito, but it’s his side business, Tick Tack Art, that established him as an artist, too.

2. Hisashi uses only left over, upcycled materials to make his art.

3. He loves giving new life to bits of metal and plastic that would ordinarily end up in a trash can.

4.  He considers it his mission to contribute to a sustainable society by upcycling materials.

5. All of his Tick Tack Art can fit in the palm of your hand or, in some cases, on the tip of a finger.

6. Each whimsical creation uses hundreds or thousands of miniscule parts.

7. Yet, when combined, these random spare parts come together to make a cohesive and detailed piece.

8. Some, like this dragonfly, are incredibly realistic.

9. You can see the time and attention Hisashi puts into each creation.

10. He makes mostly animals and insects, but occasionally branches out into mythical creatures, like this phoenix.

11. These knickknacks would look beautiful on a bookshelf or in a museum.

12. Have you ever seen a cuter steam punk butterfly? We sure haven’t!

13. You can really see the pieces of clocks in this horse piece.

14. But this collie dog is so cute, we’d have to choose this one.

15. Never mind! It’s the preying mantis for the win!

We were all about the horse until we saw that cool preying mantis! There’s truly something to love for everyone in this creative series. Which one is your favorite?

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