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15 Rib-Tickling Halloween Displays From This Skeleton-Loving “Goofball” Family

Halloween display showing skeleton cookout

The moment the calendar page flips to October, it’s time to get spooky!

Back in October 2020, Steven and Danielle Dinote of San Antonio, Texas were home more than usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Steven decided to take their two kids to the Halloween store, where they purchased plastic human and canine skeletons to decorate their front yard. Little did they know they were kicking off a years-long project that brings joy to thousands!

1. The family started setting up displays on their lawns, changing them on a daily basis. Last year one of their most popular displays was this skeleton luau.

2. It’s become a bit of a competition between the parents and their two teenagers. One time the Penn State cheerleaders showed up to cheer them on.

3. Each family member comes up with different scenarios, like this day at the spa (only spooky!)

4. Soon neighbors and passers-by noticed. Some even lent their ideas and belongings to the project. Notice the creative use of construction paper and bicycle tires on this “shot out of a canon” scene.

5. “People said it was the highlight of their day,” Danielle said. Couples yoga, anyone?

6. Each display takes 30 to 60 minutes to set up, even this scary version of skeleton “Hamlet.”

7. The family keeps a list of ideas throughout the year, like this football display.

8. Wait, isn’t this band called The Grateful Dead?

9. Mush, dogsledders, mush!

10. Who’s up for a little fishing?

11. Looks like they added some more skeletons to the crew for this barbecue scene!

12. Road work has never looked quite this unsettling before.

13. Bob Ross paints some “happy little trees.”

14. Right foot red! It’s Twister time.

15. As for why the family keeps going, year after year? It’s simple. “We’re silly people who like to have fun,” Steven said. “We’re a house full of goofballs.”

Clever goofballs, that’s for sure! The Dinotes maintain a Facebook page to document their Halloween displays, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Share the Dinotes’ masterpieces to give someone decorating ideas this season!

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