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15 Eye-Catching Buildings From Around The World That Will Leave You Mesmerized

A two-photo collage. The first is of a building with designs made to look as thought parts of the building are 3D. The second is a large, multi-story building made to look just like a giant drawer.

It’s often said that true beauty lies within the details.

Architecture can provide some of the best beauty and creativity in the world. The Twitter account “Unique Building” not only agrees with this sentiment but regularly shares examples of the best places to view some of the most unique and creatively designed buildings in the world. The account has only been around since March 2022, but it continues to grow in popularity with more than 160,000 followers. Keep scrolling to see 15 of our favorites!

1. A vertical garden blooms cascading greens in Madrid.

2. Japanese history preserved.

3. We really can’t believe all that we see.

4. Those who fear snakes, beware: This impressive design is pretty darn accurate.

5. It’s turtle time!

6. Sloping hotel views are a must.

7. This building sparks picnic vibes for sure.

8. This design is zipping with creativity!

9. Good design begins with a good layout, right?

10. Apparently, some trees are just too important.

11. We imagine this is what it might look like living next door to a super villain.

12. Presentation is everything.

13. The contrast of night and day can be stunning.

14. Anyone else have the urge to break out some Legos?

15. This is the grandfather of all treehouses.

Whoa, we could admire unique buildings like this all day! Props to the creative minds who are able to come up with such imaginative designs. The world is a more fun and interesting place with folks like them in it!

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