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12-Yr-Old Skater Takes The Stage And Pulls Off Epic Michael Jackson Routine.

When we were kids, skating was an activity of leisure, a semi-athletic way to get around the park, and a sport mostly dedicated to birthday parties at the local rink.

Thanks to 12-year-old Feng Hui of China, we now realize that it’s a children’s leisure activity no more!

When Feng took the floor at the 2011 World Artistic & Freestyle Roller Skating Grand Prix in Shanghai, we could hardly believe our eyes.

At its core, her performance centers around straight lines of spaced-out cones. But what makes it so remarkable is what she’s able to do around these obstacles – to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” no less!

When a video of her routine begins, you might think it’s just another day at the rink. She shows off a few stylish poses before zipping around cones like they’re nothing to worry about!

But enough talking (or typing)! This is a performance you’re going to need to see for yourself.

Check out her sensational skills in the video below, and share this incredible video with a friend.

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