Dad Didn’t Want “Bald” Bird, But Now Their Bond Is Adorable.

This is always how it goes: Dad says he doesn’t want a pet, but then he ends up loving them most.

However, Eve Butler’s story has a unique twist. Instead of her husband wanting nothing to do with a new cat or dog, he wanted nothing to do with a 16-year-old rescue bird whose anxiety was so bad that she plucked out all her feathers.


Fiona, or Fefe as she’s now called, is a Goffin cockatoo. She was kept in a small cage for so long that she developed a habit of spinning around in circles and pulling out her feathers in times of stress.

As soon as Eve saw her at the Parrot Outreach Society in Punta Gorda, Florida, she fell in love.


When Eve headed home to tell her husband about the bird, he wasn’t really interested in opening their doors (or his heart) to a new pet. Eventually, he relented, and the love story really began!

It took a few weeks before Eve’s husband warmed up to Fefe, and by then it was clear he was the cockatoo’s favorite person on earth.

“She loves my husband,” Eve said. “He’ll sit on the couch and give her a foot massage. And she loves it. You can just see it in her. She just goes into dreamy land.”


Nowadays, Eve said Fefe is “obsessed” with her husband. She follows him everywhere — even outside and into the family’s swimming pool!

He’s become very fond of his new semi-feathered friend as well, feeding her snacks by hand and even taking naps with her. Fefe flies and walks around freely during the day, so she can follow her BFF around as she pleases.

“If my husband goes outside… she’ll tap on the glass window,” Eve explained. “If my husband swims around the pool, she’ll walk all the way around the entire pool. She is really obsessed with him. She gets on the raft and he takes her for a little ride. Whatever he’s doing, she wants to be part of that experience.”


This little bird is such a delight! Eve started an Instagram to share cute videos of Fefe and her husband, and we love seeing their friendship in action!

Watch the video below to see their sweet relationship for yourself, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends.

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