What Your Dad Really Wants For Fathers Day— Based On His Love Language.

dad with little girl

As Father’s Day approaches, we’re always left wondering what to get “the man who has everything.”

How many times have we stood in front of a display of “World’s Best Dad” mugs and asked ourselves if he really needs another life-affirming piece of pottery? It seems like most dads we know just go out and buy whatever they need, when they need it, leaving us rather stumped when it comes time for gift-giving. Thankfully, we’ve got some ideas for you, thanks to this handy chart.

love language chart

Using the love language concept, we’ve come up with a few ideas for the perfect gift that will suit the father in your life. Just decide which love language category sounds most like your man, and go from there.

1. Words Of Affirmation

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“Encourage, affirm, appreciate, empathize, listen actively.”

Personal Creations

Maybe that “World’s Best Dad” mug isn’t such a bad idea, after all! Creating a personalized mug, t-shirt, or wall plaque is a nice way of showing dad that he’s appreciated at home. As an added bonus, he’ll smile whenever he sees it — even if he’s at work.

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If you’re feeling the pinch, you can also simply write him a love letter to tell him how much he means to you. This is the sort of lasting, living memory that sentimental types will appreciate forever.

2. Physical Touch

“Use body language to emphasize love.”

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If you’ve got the money, splurge and get dad a gift certificate for a 60 or 90 minute massage. If not, give him a massage yourself, even if it’s just a 5 minute foot rub or head scratch.

Better yet, buy him a small hand-held massager that you can use on him at night, while you watch TV. If you’re lucky, sometimes he might use it on your shoulders, too.


3. Receiving Gifts

“Thoughtfulness. Make your spouse a priority, speak purposefully.”

Say you’re walking through the mall and your guy says, “Oh, I need a new pair of headphones.”


Make a note of it, and get it for him at the next opportunity! This doesn’t even have to be on a special occasion; simply offering up an unsolicited token of your love is what really matters here.

Quite simply, find out what he loves, and let him do it!

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Offer to watch the kids so he can go play golf or see some friends for the afternoon. Just letting him know that you appreciate all he does for your family, and you want him to enjoy himself, is the perfect gift for this love language.

4. Quality Time

“Uninterrupted and focused conversations. One-on-one time is critical.”

Put the kids to bed early and make (or purchase) his favorite meal. Being able to talk without having the kids pestering you is priceless.

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If finances allow, set up a fun night away for just the two of you. Arrange for childcare ahead of time, so all he has to do is show up.


5. Acts Of Service

“Use action phrases like ‘I’ll help….’ They want to know you’re with them, partnered with them.”

If he usually does the dishes, tell him you’re on top of it tonight. The same goes with just about any household chore that he might do but not enjoy.


If there’s any task he’s been putting off, now’s the time to help him get it done! For instance, say you’ve got a new puppy and you’ve both been meaning to take him to obedience classes.

Buy him the classes and offer to go with him each week. This way, you can spend time with him while accomplishing a task you’ve been avoiding. Win, win!

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By understanding what makes dad tick, you can figure out exactly what kind of gift he’d like best. Above all, just remember the reason we celebrate Father’s Day in the first place: to show dad he’s loved and appreciated!

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