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Father Of The Bride Surprises Groom With Emotional Speech At The Altar.

There’s no secret formula to good wedding speeches as long as they come from the heart.

Of course, most of them are delivered during the reception, but one father of the bride couldn’t wait that long to say his piece. Instead, he surprised his daughter and her soon-to-be husband with an unforgettable message before they exchanged vows.


In a video that’s been shared across the Internet, this awesome dad can be seen standing between the two of them. We expect him to hug his daughter, shake his (almost) son-in-law’s hand, and take his seat, but he starts talking instead.

“Philip, I want to tell you a story,” he says. He explains that after he had his first son, he prayed for a daughter. When she was born, he was the first one to hold her.

That’s when he asked the Lord to make her like her mom, and she became loving and kind. But then he felt a little “left out,” so he requested that his daughter also be like him. He reminds Philip of her ability to “load hay” and “drive a tractor” before adding, “Do you realize what you’re getting?”


He goes on to describe his daughter’s compassion and desire to serve others. She became a nurse and literally saved lives. “But still, something was missing,” he says. “So I said, ‘Lord, make her happy.’ And she met you.”


As he and Philip hug, everyone must be wiping away tears (we certainly are). It’s like the two of them are agreeing that the bride is the most important person in the world to them, and they’ll continue to do their best to support and encourage her.

It’s no wonder this video went viral. Millions have left comments calling it the best speech ever, and we can’t help but agree. After all, this dad is touching and funny. That kind of quality is hard to come by!


We can’t get over how sweet this video is. We’re wishing their family many years of love and laughter, which shouldn’t be too hard with a dad as wonderful as this one.

Grab some tissues before you check out the heartwarming speech for yourself, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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