You Know You’ve Worked One Too Many Days As A Fast Food Worker When…

Fast food workers wrapping a burger and working the drive-thru.

Fast food workers either consider it a dream job or a nightmare. Some people seem to thrive in the fast-paced environment, with a constant smile on their faces. Others are dragging behind the counter and hating every minute of it. If you have ever held a job in fast food, you probably heard the phrase, “If you got time to lean, you got time to clean!”

As grueling as the job can be, it can also be hilarious. We looked at some videos about fast food workers. Some are staged “what-if” scenarios created for humorous effect. As a former fast food worker, I can attest to the “truth” behind even the staged videos. While the videos may be staged, the scenarios probably happened at some point.

1. Folding Wrappers Is An Art Form For Fast Food Workers

Sandwich wrappers around your food can be neat or sloppy. The difference is usually whoever wrapped your sandwich. Everyone has a unique approach to folding those paper wraps. Warning: the video below contains NSFW language.

2. Drive-Thru Orders Are Always Fun

There is always that one customer who doesn’t understand how to order.

3. Code And Coupon Orders Are The Worst!

People want to save money. With the cost of a burger and fries, I totally understand that. But I also empathize with this frustrated fast food worker.


😂😂😂how do u scream that u have a code then not be ready #work#fypシ #foryou #customerservice #humor #code #fastfood

♬ original sound – Mârio ScoTT

4. That First Shift As A Fast Food Worker Can Be A Doozy!

Fast food jobs are not for the faint of heart! Shifts can be long, and the work is not always easy. Although this is one of the re-enactment-type videos, the sentiment is 100 percent spot-on.

5. There Is Always That One Worker On Loan From Another Store

When one fast food store is short of personnel, it is a frequent practice to “borrow” staff from other locations for shift work. When that happens, you can never be quite sure what they will say or do.


I have a higher understanding in life #fyp 😂😂😂

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6. Closers Always Leave A Mess

No matter how well you clean the restaurant on a closing shift, the openers will ALWAYS find something you missed. It is the nature of being a fast food worker.

Working as a fast food worker is always an option. It is easy to get a job, and there are plenty of restaurants everywhere. The pay isn’t great, and the work can be challenging. If you don’t mind lying about the ice cream machine being broken, you’re a sure bet! If you’ve ever worked in the industry… you know. We hope you had a few laughs today and will share this with others who “know.”

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