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Farmer Helps Free Two Deer Tangled Up In Each Other’s Antlers.

Apparently (rein)deer games aren’t just something we sing about at Christmas time, they are something that deer actually do – and can leave them in a bit of a mess.

In a video shared across the internet, a farmer is riding his tractor when he comes across a couple of deer who were playing a little too hard. The two animals found themselves tangled up in one another’s antlers and couldn’t seem to break free.


The farmer carefully approaches the animals who are (understandably) a little suspicious of him, but ultimately let him try to help. He works to untangle the two but finds that they are really knotted up. The more he tries to help, the more the animals seem to scurry and get themselves tangled further.

The farmer spends a solid minute and a half trying to work the antlers apart – while remaining cautious of their well being. Finally, he is able to break off a piece of one of their antlers, allowing them to untangle and run free.

And, they run free – fast (they guy at least deserves a friendly nuzzle of gratitude if you ask us!).


Check out the brave rescue in the video below – and be sure to share it with your friends!

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