Family Plays Hilarious “Guess What’s In The Box” Game.

A woman puts her hands in a box with a dog inside.

We all have our own holiday traditions, but this family’s “what’s in the box” game might be the best Christmas activity yet! Courtney Baxter has been sharing videos on social media showing how it’s played. First, an unknown item is placed inside a box with an open back and large holes in the sides. That way, everyone else can see the contents except for the person whose turn it is. Next, the player puts their hands through the holes in the box and tries to guess what’s inside based on how it feels. Some of the family members’ reactions are too funny!

In one especially hilarious round of the game, there was a fluffy little dog inside the box. A woman put her hands inside and quickly drew them out in disgust. She couldn’t tell what she was touching, but she knew that it felt like an animal!

A woman puts her hands in a box with a dog inside.
Screengrab from Courtney Baxter/TikTok

“Does it bite?” she asked.

Courtney’s family couldn’t hold back their laughter as the woman continued to pet the pooch without being able to guess what was in the box. Eventually, she had to give up! If you’re wondering how the family got their dog to stay in the box for that long, Courtney explained it in the comments section.

“We put food in there lol,” she wrote.

Of course, one adventurous family still has this entertaining game beat with their “Quarantine Olypmics.”

Watch the video below to see how this family plays “what’s in the box?”.

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