Family Donates Over 300 Acres Of Land To Audubon Society For Wildlife Refuge.

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A 300-acre plot of land in Rhode Island will be protected from human development after a family generously donated it to the Audubon Society.

The massive forest area is filled with dozens of tree species and wetlands that will remain a safe space for creatures such as the vulnerable dusky and two-lined salamanders. While owned by the family, the land was completely unbothered by humans. Because of that, it is covered with pristine waters filled with aquatic life and several species of local and migrating birds.

“We know that the portion of the Saugatucket found on this property is very clean and untouched by human development. That’s why native brook trout thrive in these waters,” Audubon senior director of conservation Scott Ruhren said. “From Congdon Wood, clean water is carried south by the river and supports human recreational activities, as well as the marine environment.”

Family donate land  now called Congdon Wood

The Audubon Society Urges More People to Donate Land For Conservation Efforts

The organization named the land the Audubon Congdon Wood Wildlife Refuge. It is now the fourth-largest refuge Audubon refuge. It connects to 9,800 acres of more donated land within RI and Massachusets.

“These large tracts of donated land are few and far between these days,” said Audubon Society of Rhode Island executive director Jeff Hall. “But they leverage Audubon’s ability to improve the ecosystem for birds, wildlife, and people.”

A separate family also decided to donate five acres of land nearby. The Audubon Society says each acre makes a huge difference in its efforts.

There is no public access to Congdon Wood. But the organization will be using the land to research and monitor threatened birds. It will also allow college students to visit the land for conservation studies, as well.

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