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Expectant Mom Puts Her Clingy Cat In A Baby Sling… Instantly Realizes Her Mistake.

Trying to put on a baby sling.

You could say Chase is a spoiled cat. You might be right. He is very clingy and very needy most days. He meows loudly when his cat mom has to put him down for any reason. Some of the followers on YouTube at “DontStopMeowing” suggested that Chase’s owner put the cat in a baby sling.

You see, Chase wasn’t this needy until a recent family development. When Chase found out he was going to have a human brother, he became incredibly attached to his “Mom.” He even helped with the gender reveal!

YouTube cat Chase helping his mom announce that it's a boy during their recent gender reveal.
Image from YouTube.

Chase does have cat siblings, but they’re like normal cats. They are more aloof and not focused on being held every minute of every day. With the baby coming, his owner wanted to make sure Chase still felt secure, and putting the cat in a baby sling seemed like a viable option. So they set out to test the theory. Putting it on was a process, but they finally managed.

Trying to put on a baby sling.
Images from YouTube.
Trying to put a cat in a baby sling.
Images from YouTube.

And then it was time to see if Chase liked it. It was a bit of a struggle wrestling Chase into the sling. Who thought putting a cat in a baby sling was a good idea? A little push here. A little shove there. There was some loud complaining from Chase, but he was finally snuggled into the sling.

Putting a cat in a baby sling.
Images from YouTube.

Once they finally got the cat into the baby sling, Chase settled down immediately. Mom explained that by using the sling, she could keep Chase with her and have her hands free to hold their human baby when he gets here. Chase was so comfortable that he fell asleep!

Comfy cat in a baby sling.
Images from YouTube.

Chase was instantly taken with the baby sling, and Mom realized she might have gotten herself into a bit of trouble enabling her needy kitty. While it doesn’t help Chase become less clingy, it does solve his Mom’s immediate issue of having a hands-free way to keep him secure!

After watching this, I might even need a baby sling for my needy cat! While it might not solve all the problems when the baby arrives, it does seem to solve this one. Watch the whole process below. She does get a workout putting that sling on!

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