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Exactly 100 Years Ago, Two Enemies Shook Hands And Defied All Odds. Their Story Will Deeply Inspire You.

soldiers shaking hands

This incredible video captures what is one of the greatest moments of hope and peace that our world has ever seen.

It happened exactly 100 years ago on Christmas Day, 1914 and is known as the “Christmas Truce.” In the midst of the brutal trench warfare of WWI, two enemy forces dropped their guns and united over a shared sentiment of peace. The result: hope and an impact that has echoed for decades.


The only problem with this story lies in the deep tragedy that the troops went back to fighting each other. Instead, when true hope interrupts the battles of life, the result should be a life and circumstance that is forever changed. It makes us ask the question: when we experience true hope, how can we change in a lasting way? How can we sustainably live out that life-changing sentiment?


The message of this story is clear: hope brightens the darkest moments and, as in this case, reveals the deep power of humanity’s capacity to love.

Pass this on and inspire your friends with hope this Christmas season!


More Info:

WWI Historian Paul Fussel describes the event in this way:


“What happened was this: on Christmas morning, 1914, the German troops were dug in over there, and the British troops were dug in here. Somebody, some bright boy, sent a message over. (Probably threw it wrapped around a grenade without the pin pulled.) And it said something like: ‘Let’s have a party. Let’s meet in the middle. We won’t shoot. And don’t shoot us if we come between the lines.


“The British soldiers thought this was a good idea.


“A few people got up tentatively, left their rifles behind, and found they were not shot at. The Germans came out too. Probably only a dozen at first, but gradually it spread all the way up and down the line. Gradually, battalions and regiments were fraternizing between the lines.


“They were exchanging cigarettes and addresses, exchanging insignias — treating each other like friends. It was a high emotional moment.”


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