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Everyday Heroes: Resource Officer Saves Choking Student’s Life

Lyndell Shoals sits in a classroom as he chats with local news.

For Lyndell Shoals, there are many reasons to love being a Resource Officer for Tulsa Public Schools. No matter if he’s taking action to keep a kid safe or simply greeting them in the hallway, he’s happy to do what he can to make sure their day goes smoothly. He does this every day in small ways, but when presented with the opportunity to save a choking student, Lyndell is truly reminded of why this role is so important to him.

The harrowing moment takes place just as the bell rings, indicating the end of lunch. Lyndell recognizes that something is wrong with a student named Dewayne Harris — he can’t breathe. Then, just as he realizes this, the kid starts to walk toward the resource officer.

Lyndell Shoals smiles as he holds the front door open for students.

“So, I just took action,” Lyndell explains.

Beloved Resource Officer Takes Action to Save a Choking Student

Certification in the Heimlich maneuver and CPR is a requirement for all resource officers. This training serves Lyndell well this day. In other words, he’s able to successfully perform the the Heimlich maneuver just in time, saving the young boy’s life.

Dewayne Harris smiles as he sits in a classroom, talking to local news crew.

“I was just eating all my food, stuffing it all in my mouth, and started choking,” Dewayne recalls. “I tried to save myself but Officer Shoals saved me.”

Resource Officer Hailed a Hero for Life-Saving Action

Lyndell Shoals sits in a classroom as he chats with local news.

After saving this sweet kid’s life, Lyndell is being hailed a hero. Although he no doubt appreciates all of the love and support he continues to get, he’s just happy he’s in the position to have such a life-saving impact on the kids in his city.

“It’s important to me the kids are safe and go home every day,” Lyndell explains.

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