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Every Day Is Father’s Day For Rescued Goat Dad And Kid Reunited At Sanctuary.

Lolli and Merlin, two goats at the Gentle Farm.

Being part of a loving family is one of the best things about being human. It turns out, we’re not the only species that feels this way – many animals develop strong familial ties as well. Goats are animals that prefer to be in the company of other goats, and farmers know it’s best to purchase at least two from the same herd so they stay happy and healthy.

Sadly, when animals go into rescues, their little family units can become fractured, just like in the human world. That’s why a non-profit animal rescue and rehab facility called The Gentle Barn always tries to keep animal families together. Watching animals recover from their trauma and flourish in the company of their reunited family members brings joy to everyone on the team!

The Gentle Barn has facilities in Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri, and Nashville, Tennessee. They offer farm visits, private tours, Vegan recipes, animal sponsorship, and other volunteer opportunities. They even give visitors the chance to hug a cow to relieve stress and anxiety!

Back in 2018, the rescue saved Lolli, a baby goat born in extremely cold temperatures, and her mother, Minnie Mae. Frost bite claimed both of Lolli’s back feet and the tips of her ears, leaving her unable to keep up with the other goats on her farm. She and her mom arrived at the Nashville location of The Gentle Barn, and Lolli was given the medical treatments and prosthetics she needed to become mobile again. These days, she gets around just fine with help from a custom wheelchair.

About a year later, the shelter learned that Lolli’s father, Merlin, needed rescuing too. This little family is finally together again, and it turns out that Merlin is a fantastic dad!

“When we learned about Merlin nearly a year later, we were thrilled to be able to reunite this sweet family at #TheGentleBarn Tennessee!” The Gentle Barn wrote on Facebook. “He protects his daughter Lolli, plays with her, snuggles with her, and cares for her – just like any human dad would do. It’s rare for animal dads to get to watch their babies grow, and Merlin truly treasures every moment.”

Merlin and his daughter are inseparable! They can often be found cuddling, frolicking in the paddock together, or just hanging out and soaking up the sun.

Sometimes, they even share deep, meaningful conversations. Well, sort of.

“Fun fact: Goats are social animals who have rich emotional lives and communicate frequently with unique bleats,” Gentle Barn wrote on Facebook. “Father-daughter duo Merlin and Lolli are no exception!”

Keeping animal families together is part of The Gentle Barn’s mission. They’re thrilled to give animals like Merlin the chance to show off his parenting skills, and it’s genuinely heartwarming to see them together.

“We all want a good life, we all have dreams of having a family one day, and we are all vital to those families,” stated Gentle Barn co-founder Ellie Laks. “We strive every day at The Gentle Barn for a world where all mommies and daddies of any species can celebrate Father’s Day alongside their children, safe, respected, and sacred.”

Dads, take notes. Merlin really is the G.O.A.T!

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