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Mom’s Hysterical Video Nails The Difference Between Your 1st Pregnancy & The Rest.

Just as everyone’s body is different, every mom’s pregnancy is unique. But even though one mom’s experience may vary from her friend’s, there’s one thing they can both agree on: Your first pregnancy is not like the rest.

So whether you had a smooth pregnancy or you were calling your OB every other day, you can definitely relate to the video below.


The video, created by Esther Anderson, mom-of-two (with one in the oven due this January), perfectly sums up the big difference between your first pregnancy and those that follow.

First-pregnancy-Esther sits in a beautifully decorated nursery wearing an adorably coordinated outfit. She tells the camera her baby is “14.8 inches, 2 pounds, 4.5 ounces.” The size of a Chinese cabbage, if you will.


Third-pregnancy-Esther has one eye on the camera and one on the three-year-old and one-year-old running around in the background. When asked the size her baby is, she gives her best guess: “Medium?”


Esther is the blogger behind “Story of This Life.” Her mission statement? “To share life’s imperfect moments through an authentic lens highlighting the joys and laughter in the monotony and mess of it all.” Based off the video below, it seems Esther is nailing theĀ authenticĀ part!

Check out her hilarious video below and share!

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