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Sparks Literally Fly During Intricate Dance By Georgian Ensemble.

Children start training as young as six years old to win a position on the prestigious Erisioni music and dance ensemble, and after seeing one of their performances, it’s easy to see why.

Dance is part of the culture in Georgia, a former Soviet republic, and the performances combine music, dance, and martial arts to depict the historic and ongoing struggles with Russia, its northern neighbor. Unlike many other forms of dance, men are the main attraction and one of the highlights of any performance is watching the sparks literally fly as they engage in a battle of the swords.


“It’s in our blood for millenniums,” says Erisioni company director Otar Bluashvili. “It’s in our body, our soul. (The) Georgian gene doesn’t let them rest, so they dance.â€

Once these aspiring performers reach the age of 18, only the best are selected to join Erisioni, which travels around the world wowing audiences with their spectacular performances. The battle scenes are impressive enough on their own, but they’re enhanced by the performers’ intricate costumes and equally intricate dance moves, like the one shown below during one of the group’s many rehearsals:


All the dancers and singers, Otar explains, “consider themselves as a part of their country’s history,” which is evident through all their years of hard work, dedication and powering through grueling rehearsal and performance schedules.

erisioni practicing

After 70 years of Russian rule, Georgia declared its independence in 1991. But a small percentage of the country remains under military occupation, and residents come out to watch these dramatic performances as a sort of emotional therapy.

We were often asked who we are and where we’re from. When they would hear we’re from the USSR, they would ask if we are Russians. No, we’re not Russians. We’re Georgians.

Watch one of these incredible battle scenes play out in the video below. Just think of all the years of practice that went into perfecting this scene, and all the ones that came before and after it, all in the name of national identity. Share to spread amazement!

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