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Hero Dog Reunites With The Family She Saved From Tornado 54 Days Later.

When a pet goes missing, it often feels like losing a family member – especially in the middle of a natural disaster.

In March, Eric and Faith Johnson were sound asleep with their three kids in their Cookeville, Tennessee, home when their Australian shepherd Bella frantically woke them up. Like many animals, the pup sensed a dangerous disturbance in the atmosphere and was desperate to alert her family.


What Bella felt was the result of a tornado that was tearing its way across Tennessee and heading straight for the Johnson’s home. Thankfully, their loyal dog roused them with enough time to pile everyone into the bathtub.

The tornado destroyed their property in seconds and flung the tub 50 yards through the air. Incredibly, the family survived, but their heroic pup went missing. When the dust settled, they searched high and low for Bella, but she was nowhere to be found.


Days turned into weeks, and they feared they would never see Bella again. Still, they returned to their demolished neighborhood frequently to leave behind pieces of their clothing, hoping to help the incredible pup find her way back home.

At the end of April, a friend of theirs received a call from an animal grooming business about five miles away. The employees were positive they’d seen Bella in an alleyway outside!

After setting up trail cameras, they figured out the dog was really her and made sure she stayed put. Then they contacted Eric, who rushed over to reunite with his best furry friend!


After 54 days on her own, Bella finally went home to her family! There, she was showered with love, a good bath, and lots of treats.

With everything going on right now, Eric said getting Bella back was just what they needed.

“It completes our family now and puts a missing piece back,”he said. “This dog saved our lives. She’s the one who gave us a chance to survive.â€


Welcome home, Bella! We’re so glad you and your precious family members are safe and sound.

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