Stranger Chases Down Family At Disney, Promises He’s “Not Creepy” Before Asking Crushing Question.

Taylor and Chris Fisher were enjoying Disney World with their young son Oliver when a chance encounter changed their perspective forever.

A ‘sweet couple’ stopped to take the Fisher family’s photo in front of the Eiffel Tower at Epcot Center. The moments that followed were so beautiful and profound, Taylor doubted words could do it justice. Still, he took to Facebook to share her beautiful story with the rest of us.

“While in France a sweet couple stopped to take our picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. They were very patient as Oliver did not cooperate during the picture taking and finally got a decent one. We said ‘thank you’ and went on our way.”


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Moments after walking away, the man who’d just taken their photo ran up behind them with a startling question. After assuring the Fisher’s that he wasn’t ‘creepy’ he introduced himself and his wife and shared their story.

The couple, Scott and Sally, had three children of their own, but recently lost their youngest son, Duke, just months before. Their late son’s birthday fell on July 1st, the very day they encountered the Fisher’s.

Duke would have been 1 year old.

In honor of Duke, Scott and Sally asked the Fisher’s a strange question. They wanted to take the Fisher’s son, Oliver, on a shopping spree at the Mouse Gears gift shop in honor of Baby Duke.


“As a parent, and looking back on the moment, you would never think to just give your child over to perfect strangers, but in that moment I was so overwhelmed with peace, a peace that only God can provide, that I handed my little boy over and watched as he held the hands of these two people whom my heart suddenly felt so connected with. Chris and I of course followed behind (we’re not that crazy).”

Sally took Oliver by the hand as they walked through the toy store. The look of joy on her face and the sorrow sprinkled in was almost too much for the Fisher’s as they followed close behind.

“I watched her eyes turn from sadness to joy every time Oliver smiled at her. I watched the sorrow turn to hope each time Oliver picked up a toy and hugged her thank you. As Oliver reached “up, up” I watched Scott’s pain start to fade as he held Oliver and wept into his head. Through an act of their own generosity, I witnessed a couple begin to heal from the grief and ache of losing something so dear.”

Whatever you feel about the Fisher’s decision, it was a moment in which two grieving parents honored the son they loved so much. Even in the wake of tragedy, light still shines through it all.

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