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Korean Hip-Hop Crew Choreographs Insane Routine To Beethoven Sonata.

When we hear about someone performing a hip-hop dance routine, we expect to see specific movements and hear, you know, hip-hop.

Thumping beats are a hip-hop mainstay that mesh perfectly with sharp choreography, but what happens when you strip all of that away? Can you really pull off a hip-hop routine without pairing it with its musical namesake? Well, as proven by one Korean dance group, you certainly can.

korea dance delight

On a Korean program called “Korea Dance Delight Vol. 4,” a dance group called Emotional Line steps onto the stage in simple black and white outfits with stern faces. From the looks of it, they’re about to start your average hip-hop routine.

dance competition

But then the music starts.

Instead of a pounding bass line, audience members and viewers are greeted with the familiar opening notes of Beethoven’s Sonata 14 in C sharp minor. The pop-and-lock movements that begin with the two crew members in white in the beginning are totally mesmerizing to watch.


Soon after, the rest of the dancers join in with equally mind-bending choreography, following every flourish on the piano with laser precision.

emotional line

The movements are so precise, in fact, that viewing the routine almost gives the impression of old-fashioned stop animation. Just over one minute into the show, the dancers exchange pop-and-lock movements for fluid motions that look too smooth to be real.

hip hop dance

They went on to win a special prize during the competition because come on, how could they not? There are all kinds of choreographed dances floating around online, but we promise that this one will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Check it out below, and be sure to share it if their moves blew you away!

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