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Curious Mama Gorilla Wanders Over To Share Beautiful Moment With Human Baby.

Going to the zoo is a fun way to learn more about the animals who share our world.

Recently, a trip to Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts, took an unbelievable turn for Emmelina and Michael Austin. The Jefferson, Maine, couple was visiting the city with their infant son Canyon when they caught a glimpse of real-life magic.

They spent the morning walking around and looking at various exhibits. When they reached the gorilla habitat, Emmily noticed one of the gorillas watching her very closely.

The adult female named Kiki has welcomed five babies of her own so far. Her most recent little one is a son named Pablo, so she seemed especially intrigued by the human baby next to her. Emmily saw Kiki checking Canyon out and decided to give the fellow mother a closer look.

“As soon as she looked over, I held Canyon up,” Emmily explained. “As we were walking through, I said, ‘Aw, I really want her to see my baby, that would be so cool!'”

To Emmily’s delight, Kiki came right up to the glass and started interacting with Canyon. The gorilla seemed to be admiring the tiny infant, holding her hand against the glass as if she wanted to touch him. For several minutes, the two moms simply connected over the gift of life they’ve both experienced.

Michael recorded the extraordinary scene and later uploaded it to YouTube, where it went viral. In the background, you can hear a crowd of people gathering to marvel over this sweet and unexpected moment of interspecies bonding. Toward the end of the clip, Pablo even joins Kiki behind the glass as the mothers continue to wordlessly communicate.

“She intentionally moved her head around, and you could see her making direct eye contact with him,” Emmily said.

Michael was just as moved by the exchange. “I thought it was one of the coolest things I’ve seen, pretty much ever,” he said. “It was very emotional for all three of us, I think.”

As for Emmily, she is certain that she and Kiki shared a maternal connection that transcends species.

“We both had these babies with us, and we were looking at each other’s babies and how cute and beautiful and small and precious they were… She looked up into my eyes, and I could see so much love.”

What a wonderful reminder that motherhood is universal! Keep up the great work, you beautiful moms!

Watch Emmily and Canyon meet Kiki in the video below, and don’t forget to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with a friend.

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