Kid Magician Thinks He’s Slick, But Ellen Can’t Stop Laughing At His Super Obvious Tricks.

The Ellen Show has hosted many-a-talented youngster over the years, but none have had the same “umph” as this young and talented little boy from Northern England named Britton… and I can’t think of anyone that had Ellen (and the audience) rolling with laughter like Britton!


With confidence, showmanship, and a knack for theatrics, Britton takes over the stage, showing off his natural skill: Magic. Well, maybe we shouldn’t stay skill… You see, Britton’s act has one small problem. We know exactly what he’s doing– his tricks are SUPER obvious!He turns around every time it’s time to change tricks and doesn’t seem to think it looks suspicious.

But it turns out that this kid who thinks he is a future-Houdini is absolutely hilarious. Obvious tricks and all. In fact, Ellen literally can’t control herself during Britton’s act, having to reach for tissues to wipe away her tears of laughter. Ellen’s giddiness is beyond contagious!

My favorite part is when Britton is trying to get Ellen to participate in one of his tricks. He sees she’s unable to control her giggling, and he sighs, “Come on, Ellen.” So funny! Check out Britton’s adorable show below!

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