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Elephants Surround Friends Trapped In Pool, Stay For 2 Days To Prevent Them From Drowning.

elephants stuck in man made pool

As the old adage goes, an elephant never forgets. Elephants are some of the smartest animals on┬áthe planet, but their clever tendencies don’t stop there. The gigantic pachyderms are also incredibly social. Family groups stick together for life and are led by the oldest matriarch in the herd. Their overt social tendencies are unique in the animal kingdom and the video below proves it.

When three asian elephants found themselves trapped in a manmade pool in the Yunnan Province of China, their family spent two days trying to rescue them. They stayed right by the edge of the pool, reaching their trunks in to try and leverage their friends to dry ground… but to no avail.

When it became clear the endangered elephants could not escape on the first day of their ordeal, villagers from the province called forestry police and organized a team to rescue them. Their attempt was thwarted due to heavy rains and the defensive elephant family trying to rescue their kin.

On the second day, workers decided to scare the remaining elephants away from the scene with firecrackers so they could free the trapped and panicked pachyderms.

Rescuers broke open the wall of the pool with heavy equipment so that the trapped elephants could escape their watery prison. Check out the footage in the video below!

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