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Mind-Blowing Electric Spa Brings Lightning Storm Indoors For Visitors Of Their Indoor Pool.

View of people sitting in a pool simulating a lightning storm in QC Termemilano Spa in Milan. Text on the image reads: "POV: Your husband’s definition of relaxation is a storm simulator."

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the sights and sounds of a storm from the comfort of your home — but what if you could relax in a pool at the same time? Under normal circumstances, this isn’t advised at all. But thanks to QC Termemilano Spa in Milan, those looking to enjoy a relaxing afternoon can get about as close to that experience as possible. TikTok user Gabriela Brasil shared her own experience with this one-of-a-kind spa when she and her husband visited.

In her video, we see a massive pool. Seats line the walls, allowing folks to truly lean back and relax. Water falls from the ceiling like rain and flashes of light simulate lightning. In addition to the sounds you might expect to hear during a storm, visitors also experience the sights thanks to the beautiful imagery displayed on the massive screens surrounding the pool.

“POV: Your husband’s definition of relaxation is a storm simulator,” Gabriela captioned her video.

Many commenters on her video have pointed out that the frequency of the flashing lights would be too much for them in person — something I certainly agree with. Still, it’s incredible that we have the technology to create something so amazing for folks to enjoy!

Watch this electric spa experience in the video below (Epilepsy Warning):

@agabrielabrasil Craziest spa experience #stormsimulation #spa #italy #milano ♬ Still Don't Know My Name – Labrinth

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