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Internet Tracks Down Elderly Couple Whose Heartwarming Subway Cuddle Went Viral.

elderly couple subway

You see a lot of different things when you commute on the New York City subway system, but every so often you see something that takes your breath away.

Blake Ricker, a registered nurse who lives and works in New York City, was on a train heading downtown when he spotted just such a sight. An elderly couple sat close together on the subway bench, their heads almost touching as they shared some secret thoughts or feelings. Blake was so moved by the intimacy of the moment that he instinctively knew how special it was, so he pulled out his cell phone and snapped a picture.

“They just seemed to be so in awe with each other, and I just caught a glimpse of them and it just struck me, I was like, ‘Gosh, they seem to be so in love,'” Blake later explained.

Once he got home, he decided to upload the picture to his Instagram page in hopes that someone out there would see it and get a copy of the lovely photo to the couple. He shared the image along with the caption:

If anyone recognizes this sweet couple, please let me know…I’d love to send them a copy of this picture for them to have. Unfortunately my stop came and I was unable to send them it. (Taken on the NYC MTA 1 train, headed towards downtown/Brooklyn, on Tuesday Evening, July 17th, 2018) <<<>PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!>>>>

elderly couple on train

The image struck a nerve with hopeless romantics everywhere, and the picture was shared from coast to coast. Soon, the internet worked its magic once more, and the right person happened upon the photo and was able to identify the couple.

Karen Kettering Dimit, an artist based in NYC, recognized her in-laws instantly, and she soon came forward to identify them and make them aware of their newfound internet fame.


According to Karen, the couple have been madly in love and united in marriage for the past 64 years! When this image was taken, they were on their way to dinner after attending a performance at Lincoln Center.

Perhaps most hilariously, Karen also shared that the couple’s family had asked them repeatedly to avoid taking the subway due to their advanced age, and Blake’s photo totally busted them breaking the rules! You’ve got to love that – in their 80s and still walking on the wild side every chance they get!

Talk about #RelationshipGoals.


Nice job capturing this moment, Blake! We’re so happy to “meet” this inspiring couple. They’re truly a picture-perfect example of what enduring love and commitment really looks like.

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