Trucker Stranded Overnight During Ice Storm, Wakes To Knock On Window From Teen On Horseback.

A Winnipeg truck driver named Peter Douglas was recently stranded on a highway in freezing temperatures. Peter described the highway as “a sheet of ice… I couldn’t pull the whole thing,” he said. “I was trapped.”

Although the situation was less than ideal, Peter took some comfort in knowing that his stranded truck had become stuck directly in view of a highway camera. “My family, my bosses, and it seems everyone on Facebook knew exactly where I was,” said Peter. Little did he know, a complete stranger saw the image, and she was moved to take action.

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The stranger was 18-year-old Eileen Eagle Bears. When she saw the image of the trapped trucker, she knew he needed help. “I just thought I should do something,” she said. “I made up a thermos of coffee and took it to him on horseback.”

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From Peter’s perspective, her appearance– after a long night during which he slept in his truck– was miraculous. “Lo and behold, first thing in the morning, I look out my window and there was a horse and a young lady by the name of Eileen Eagle Bears,” Peter said.

CTV News

CTV News

Eileen had ridden up and down icy hills to deliver some warmth and kindness to Peter. He was blown away by this stranger’s kindness. He was even more surprised when she returned later with water and a thermos of stew and potatoes!

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All in all, Peter spend 28 hours trapped on the highway, but he finally made it out of town feeling more grateful for the kindness of strangers than ever before.

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