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8 Girls In Tap Shoes Line Up On Irish Road, Score Spot In Ed Sheeran Video With Jaw-Dropping Dance.

At the beginning of this year, Ed Sheeran announced that he was searching for talented Irish dancers to be featured in his next music video. When Chris Naish, the mastermind behind the Irish dance company¬†Fusion Fighters, heard the news, he decided to use his platform to spread the dance call to all of Ireland’s best dancers.

In no time, Chris was bombarded with videos of Irish dancers from around the world. The hashtag #STEP4SHEERAN blew up.


One of the videos came from the Hession School of Irish Dance in Galway. The eight girls called themselves “Ed’s Galway Girls.” The group of 8 girls starts off their video lined up in a v-formation, looking totally relaxed and at ease in their matching uniform of black tops, pants, and tap shoes.


However, as soon as the music starts, they kick it into high gear! The girls begin tap dancing so flawlessly that it would definitely give the Riverdance group of the 1990’s a run for their money.


It is incredibly hard to perfect the different tones and sounds of tap dancing, let alone to be completely in sync with one another– all while making each step look effortless. Thankfully for “Ed’s Galway Girls,” everyone around the world thought their dancing was incredible!

Thankfully for “Ed’s Galway Girls,” everyone around the world thought their dancing was incredible! Before too long they had reached over 8 million views and their video had made it all the way to Ed and his team.


That’s when the girls got the call and were told that they were going to be featured as the Irish dancers in Ed’s newest video, “Galway Girl” featuring Saoirse Ronan.

The girls were over the moon excited and even made sure to bring copies of Ed’s cover of The Rolling Stone and sharpies so that they could get his signature.

Watch the video below for their incredible performance and make sure to share this with your friends!

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